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"I felt listened to and appreciated in the course and it was good to be able to share. I met some people who weren't like my typical group of friends which was new for me. I have a lot of new ideas to think about, but this was somewhere that I felt confident and happy within myself and I loved that”

"I felt like I got a lot of my problems out, I learnt how to deal with things and it gave me hope to get through something I'm struggling with. It's good to learn there are others out there with problems like mine. I liked being able to share."

"I really, really enjoyed this course. I felt that I could talk about anything! I now have better body image confidence. I got a lot out of this course and will have it with me when growing up and forever! I liked everything about it!"

"I learnt some useful ways to deal with stress, I really enjoyed the games and the Body Shop facial. I feel like I'm more prepared to deal with problems that come up, and I feel better about myself."

"I enjoyed meeting new friends, having fun, learning to cope with difficult situations, learning to like my body more, and learning to communicate with people better."

"I made new friends, I like myself more, it was heaps of fun, I learned to stand up for myself, and learned models are practically fake."

"It was an interesting experience and I'm glad I came along to it. I learnt a lot about myself and others, I really liked how friendly everyone was to me, and I felt very welcome."

"I really enjoyed this 'go girl' course. I now have a better understanding of body image. I will never look at models the same."

"I gained more self-confidence. I liked making new friends and learning about new things. I got a lot out of this course feeling more confident."